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The human beings are the weakest creatures in the world, that is why we are often been attack by different diseases and some of them is very hurtful. For example, such thing as asthma is very widespread nowadays, so it is very important to know what causes it.

According to the text the main reasons of asthma's appearance are in the environment. Such things as smoke, pollen and animal fur can cause it. Also there emotional and physical factors as stress or exercises. The common fact is that the after each episode of asthma's attack the feelings return to normal.

The other point of view is that between these attacks the airways have reconstructed in some new ways or as it called in medicine remodel. This fact says to us that every new episode brings more complex problems. Also the remodeling attached with genetic factors combines with environment triggers, so this causes can develop the asthma even before our birth.

In the conclusion it is necessary to mention about difficulty of this problem and it is very important to make everything to solve it in the shortest period to avoid asthma's enhance at all.

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