The building of a large factory near my community

The development in the modern production industry is in the highest level of the efficiency. It could not be imagine our cities and towns without this great buildings of plants and factories, which supporting the economy of each country but there are some ecological problems with it. So, it is necessary to decide the question about advantages and disadvantages of this branch of our life.

For a start, it should be maintained that the construction of new factory near some living-area is not extremely good decision and there are different causes of this. First of all, the process of building and functioning of this plant will bring a lot of noises which will disturb everything around. For the second, this idea is able to do a horrible influence on the ecology system, so it is not pretty well. That is why it is very important to design such production process that will bring no damage to our environment.

For the other point of view, there are a huge amount of pluses for the community that this factory will bring in the future. One of them, no doubt, is the appearing of new work-places in this region and improvement the whole economy situation. Also, this factory will produce a lot of goods or special services and this will lead to the comfortable life.

In conclusion, I want to say that there is no clear answer on this battle of the economy and ecology, but, as for me, the best way to solve this situation is to remove the plant out of community borders. This variant can satisfy all, the company will construct a modern plant and the community will have chance to find a good job on it.

Should we or not pay attention to opinions of the famous people

All of us have the original story of our lives from the time when we were born till the last breathes. Someone reaches great results and wishes nothing in his being and someone have the usual quite life with small or large problems in it. There are such examples of success as famous sportsmen, actors and musical stars. So, it very important to answer the question about what part of influence can these people play on ourselves.

For the one hand, such thing as famous is very difficult to reach; there are a lot of barriers and problems on this hard way. Some people believe that every well-known people have sold their souls to devil or another way have lost some part of themselves in this fight for the famous. That is why the all thoughts and suggestions of these persons ruin the moral support of the society and so on. For example, rock stars show our children how to reach the success with the help of the alcohol or drags.

For other hand, all these reasons are proved the fact that famous people have great expirience and different views on the life at all. That is why in our conformistic world it is sometimes usefull to hear new fresh thoughts and one of that resourses are interviews and programs of the great people. Also, they understand that they have some influence on the people's mind and this fact makes themselves to bring only beatifull and peacefull ideas in our lives.

So, to sum all of this information, it should be menthioned that in our lives there are only one master and it is ourselves. That is why when you solve some problem, first of all you think by yourself and after this you can compare your decision with thoughts of your favorite artist. I think, that if you go by this way you will reach everything you want and maybe much bigger than your coumier.

Where do I like to spend my free time

The speed of our lives get faster and quicker every seconds in our modern world, so it is rather difficult to find time for rest in it. Such important part of our being as time for rest is very special and unique for every person, so that is why the variants of relax is different for each others. So, where is the best place for the rest in or outdoor?

For the begining, there are advanteges and disadvanteges in these two alternatives, and sometime it is extrimely hard to decide whitch point of view is the best. If we are talking about spending time outdoor there are such pluses of this way and , ofcouse, it is very usefull to our health. Also when you are walking outside you can open your eyes and souls for something new in this beatifull world around us.

Another point of view is considered in the fact of bright various of enterteiments inside our comfortable houses and maybe it is more quite way to spend free time. There are such exiting things as reading the books, listening the music, playing different games and watching TV at least. Also you can invite your friends and spend with them all you rest, speaking on different themes or maybe doing some little stupied things.

So, in conclusion, as for me, the beat way to have a good reat is to mix these two variants into one piece, for example, you can begin spending your free time in some marvelos place outdoor and then come to home and finish your relax day with the reading deliciuos book. In my opinion, it is the optimal desicion for this problem and following this rules you can have the finest minutes or hours in your life.

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