Childhood is the best time of our life

The life of everyone consists of a lot kind of moments and situations that make it more happy or upset in different ways. If we can cut our life’s line into few stages it is obviously that the time of our childhood takes specially place in our heart. So is it real that when we were child the world around us was easier and simpler?

The first thing that should be mentioned about begin of the life is it’s realizing by ourselves this part. Some people argue that when they imagine their childhood the awfully picture stands and appears. They conduct this stage with such things as time of total manipulating and orders from their parents and relatives, another situation can take place when we talking about contributions and atmosphere that surrounded this people in childhood.

From the other point of view it is, no doubt, that the childhood is the marvelous and beautiful part of our life in most cases. Only when people grow up they understand that the whole value of their childhood, the time when they have no problems, responsibilities and serious dangers and were surrounded by peace and care.

In conclusion, I think that in our modern world of cruel and violence the only thing that can help us to win this competition of life is to carry through it our remembers of sweet and sunny time. That is why I think that it is truth statement about our childhood as the happiest time in our life.

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