My dream job

I dream of having three jobs: to be a professor in university, have my own company and be an excellent housewife!

When I work at the university? I want to have working hours from 9.30 a.m. To 1 p.m. And go to work two days a week. In free time, I will write articles on such scientific topics: artificial neural networks, fuzzy sets, genetic algorithms and specialized hybrid networks. And i am goint to attend scientific conference all over the world. The best thing about the work is communication with people.

My own company will be the work for money, with it's help I would like to get a lot of money and thus I would be able to plan my working day by myself. I hope that I will have good relationship with colleagues on business, staff and state authorities. The stuff on my job should like the work? Wear smart clothes, have a tidy appearance and get on well with other colleagues! They can serf the Internet, phone and e-mail their family and friends if it is important. Worker shouldn't use bad language, smoke and be late for work without important reasons. They can't drink alcohol and take drugs.

However, the best and important work for me will be housework! I want my husband and children to have delicious meals and a clean, warm, calm and comfortable house.

Anyway, I am sure, that I am able to make those dreams reality and I will be the brilliant scientist, successful businesswoman and loving wife!

There are my dream jobs!

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