Еще одно сочинение ученика после обучения в нашей школе

The modern developing world is described by the lot of innovations and inventions. Not so time ago the new useful thing was appeared in our lives and it was called Internet. Since that time a lot of disputes had been held but the clear answer about how the World Wide Web influences our lives is not found.

For the one hand the invention of the Internet has given great abilities to the all people in the world. Some people argue that only by the advantages of this service of communication we might have the huge step in our modern development. The roles of information’s influence growth in unbelievable sizes and the difficult things have become easier, for the example, the world trading and people's communication.

For the other point of view this progress has brought some extra costs to us. As for usual everything has negative aspects in this world, so when we are talking about the Internet the main disadvantage is the information's addiction that it brings. As a result, for more and more people it is normal to spend all time in the networks and virtual world, in the same time the real life of these people very poor and lonely.

In the conclusion it is necessary to say about the fact that there are two backs of the medal and when we are talking about the information's influence nowadays it is very hard to divide this subject into pluses and minuses. The only right suggestion is that the information plays great role in our lives and makes them easier and comfortable.

Кирилл Щербинин
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