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Russian for foreigners in Kharkov (Kharkiv), Ukraine

Business Language school provides individual classes of the Russian language for English speaking students. The school welcomes newcomers to Kharkov trying to adapt to the new language and cultural environment. Business Language is the first place in Kharkov to contact before getting into cross-cultural or language troubles. Our teachers have experience working or studying in English speaking countries so they can give you a comprehensive course of Russian as a foreign language in Kharkov and handy guidelines for daily routines.

Even from starter level you can learn some specific grammatical structures in depth, get a chance to gain fluency, improve pronunciation, practice speaking the Russian language or even learn Russian business terminology in a rather limited period of time.

To ensure that students have all the facilities they need to make their learning experience enjoyable but most importantly successful, our bright and modern classrooms come equipped with computers, large video screens, tea and coffee service etc. Calling Business Language is easy as our consultant speaks fluent English (please call +38(066)154-28-86). Enjoy a rewarding educational experience at Kharkov's leading language school!

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