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The best investment 
is investment for the future! 

Nowadays a good knowledge of English is needed by everyone who has to communicate across national boundaries. The best way to learn English in Kharkov is to come to Business Language, home of the English language in the city, and study in a friendly and stimulating environment.

The Business Language school of English was founded to meet the highest standards and we remain committed to our original aim: to provide excellence in tuition and care of each and every student. By the time you leave the school, we want you to feel that we have done all we can to help you, not only with your English studies, but also with our personal approach and general pastoral care.

The school is oriented towards successful people and organizations, which ensures you receive the best possible service at all times.

We try to create a totally international atmosphere in the school and in this way we make certain that English is the main language of communication. Using English not just as a school subject, but as a living language is an important element of self-motivation. Our emphasis on the practical use of English greatly increases your fluency and provides an unforgettable learning experience.

Latest update 01.06.2023

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